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Our vision is to foster a culture of opportunity so that people anywhere feel empowered to challenge conventions, push beyond boundaries, and pave their own path to success.

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We understand that our customers want products that are not only safe for them and also for the environment, but also products that works as it was advertise. The differences between Smartrider and other companies, we ensures the highest standard of safety, quality, and effectiveness that you deserve—from the unique philosophy behind our products to our proprietary manufacturing process.

We Inspire People to Live Healthier, Happier Lives​

Since 1982, SMARTRIDER has brought out the best in people around the world. Today, our proven business opportunity empowers Independent Business Owners and Authorized Business Owners to take control of their lives and achieve success, as they define it. We are a growing global family.

Like our people, our products are changing lives, too. We take great care and pride in creating nature’s best herbal formulas that pave a pathway to holistic health and greater energy for you and your family.

Achievements & Awards​

SMARTRIDER has received many prestigious awards since 1982.

Are you ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle?

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At SmartFood, we focus on getting the best healthy, delicious snacks that you can enjoy. We believe in being able to eat whatever you want without the need to sacrifice.

SmartFIT focuses on five elements of training: Nutrition, Supplements, Resistance training, Cardiovascular training and Rest

Our service provides beginner-to-intermediate-level training. We will show you how to plan and eat a nutritious and tasty meal. We also provide educational materials such as an e-book, video guides, and more.

At SmartT-CM, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been used for thousands of years. It uses Qi energy to balance or harmonies the body’s spiritual yin and yang, emotions, and physical health.

We, SmartT-CM, use acupuncture to achieve it. We also provide dietary advice on what to eat to balance your yin and yang.


We at SmartBEAUTY see ourselves as a problem solver for your skin problems. We treat your skin problems through our natural products and professional beauty treatments. We understand and provide the best skincare treatment for your skin. Your youthful looks are in our safe hands.

beauty treatment

SmartBIZ, we provide digital marketing solutions for your business. We strive to make your business known through social media and online platforms. 

Bringing in more customers than you ever imagined is our goal. We also provide digital marketing training. In order for business owners like you to keep up with the ever-changing online landscape.


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Our Services


We are here to help you get your health and wellness back in balance.

Unlike its competitors, Smartrider understands that its customers are health-conscious no matter how busy life is.

So, here we have services that help your health and wellness return in faster and easier ways.

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