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Our mission is to create  a method by which anyone can achieve the perfect balance of health and wealth. While we help you achieve your dreams. We use simple and easy methods to help you achieve your dreams.

We have five types of services that can help you achieve it. SmartFOOD, SmartFIT, SmartBEAUTY , and SmartTCM. These services can help you get your looks and health back. SmartBIZ can help your business grow through social media and online platforms.

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We are here to guide and inspire you to have a healthy lifestyle.

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We have professional fitness trainers that are ACE qualified, guiding you to achieve your dream body. 

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We will make sure that your appointment with us fit to your schedule.  

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Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle

What we offer

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At SmartFood, we focus on getting the best healthy, delicious snacks that you can enjoy. We believe in being able to eat whatever you want without the need to sacrifice.

SmartFIT focuses on five elements of training: Nutrition, Supplements, Resistance training, Cardiovascular training and Rest

Our service provides beginner-to-intermediate-level training. We will show you how to plan and eat a nutritious and tasty meal. We also provide educational materials such as an e-book, video guides, and more.

At SmartT-CM, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been used for thousands of years. It uses Qi energy to balance or harmonies the body’s spiritual yin and yang, emotions, and physical health.

We, SmartT-CM, use acupuncture to achieve it. We also provide dietary advice on what to eat to balance your yin and yang.


We at SmartBEAUTY see ourselves as a problem solver for your skin problems. We treat your skin problems through our natural products and professional beauty treatments. We understand and provide the best skincare treatment for your skin. Your youthful looks are in our safe hands.

beauty treatment

SmartBIZ, we provide digital marketing solutions for your business. We strive to make your business known through social media and online platforms. 

Bringing in more customers than you ever imagined is our goal. We also provide digital marketing training. In order for business owners like you to keep up with the ever-changing online landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the services that you have provide?
    SmartBIZ that provide digital marketing solutions to our customers and courses to help new and old business owners to catch their market digitally.   SmartFIT provide weight loss, body toning and abs building services. Our trainers are ACE, fitness practitioner and personal trainer certified. The trainers will guide you with their best ability to achieve your dream body.   SmartTCM, our TCM practitioners use holistic treatment to balance and nourish back your body. We have acupuncture service to redirect and balance back your body’s QI.   SmartBEAUTY, we provide beauty service like facial treatment to gain back your natural beauty   SmartFOOD. We have all kinds of healthy snacks for you to snack on and you won’t feel guilty after eating it. Our snack is MeSTI certified by the Malaysia government.


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What they say

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We are here to help you get your health and wellness back in balance.

Unlike its competitors, Smartrider understands that its customers are health-conscious no matter how busy life is.

So, here we have services that help your health and wellness return in faster and easier ways.

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